Right to Repair Act: The right to fix your car anywhere

Right to Repair Act: The right to fix your car anywhere

Regardless of what your dealer tells you, you have the right to repair your car anywhere The Motor Vehicle Owners’ Right to Repair Act, sometimes also referred to as Right to Repair, is a name for several related proposed bills in the United States Congress and several state legislatures which would require automobile manufacturers to provide the same information to independent repair shops as they do for dealer shops. This means a few items in your favor:

• All auto manufacturers diagnostic codes and repair data is uniform and available to independent repair shops. • You are not limited to fixing your car at the dealership. • Paying high dealer repair costs is not the only option, you can have your car fixed at any other independent repair facility that offer much more reasonable prices. • It is against the law for the dealership to tell you that your warranty will be voided by getting your repairs done elsewhere, so long as you have receipts to prove proper factory maintenance has been performed.


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