RepairPal Certified

RepairPal Certified

Quality Car Repair. Never Overpay. Guaranteed.

Auto Clinic has teamed up with RepairPal as a RepairPal Certified Shop. Certified Shops are evaluated and verified by RepairPal based on high standards. Here’s a few reasons why you should choose a RepairPal Certified Shop. 

1. Customer Satisfaction: RepairPal tracks and ensures high satisfaction through verified customer reviews.
2. Expert Certification: RepairPal Certified shops are trained on the latest technologies, use high quality tools, and warranty their work.
3. Honest Pricing: All RepairPal Certified Shops are committed to transparent pricing and honor RepairPal estimates.
RepairPal Shop


Carmax Maxcare Customers Save With Repairpal Certified Shops

An optional MaxCare® Extended Service Plan is available for purchase with every car through CarMax. With the partnership of CarMax and RepairPal, now all certified RepairPal Auto Repair shops can service any vehicle that has a CarMax MaxCare service plan.

It gets better – Customers receive a $50 reduction in their MaxCare deductible who choose Auto Clinic for their warranty repairs.

Auto Clinic is a certified RepairPal Auto Repair Facility, dedicated to getting you back on the road – Fast!

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If have a MaxCare® Extended Service Plan and need car repairs, contact us today or make an appointment online