Is My Car Broken?

Do I Need a Mechanic?


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Sometimes it’s hard to tell when your car is under some temporary strain, or when it needs a mechanic. By being proactive when you notice something is amiss, may save yourself a lot of money and trouble by getting it diagnosed as quickly as possible. Our technicians are here to assist you in diagnosing any potential vehicle malfunctions.   You can be the first defense to keeping your car in its best condition – just use your senses! You can use your senses to determine whether you should bring your car by for one of our professionals to inspect.


Do you FEEL anything out of the ordinary?

If you feel the following, you should stop immediately when safe, and have your vehicle towed to a local repair shop:

  • Hot brakes
  • Very loose steering
  • Very loose wheel / tire

A few other things you may feel, and you should have your mechanic look at at your earliest convenience:

  • Shaking / shimmy
  • Clunking
  • Thump while turning
  • Tire vibration
  • Pulsating brakes


Do you HEAR anything unusual?

If you hear any of the following, it is best to stop as soon as it is safe, and have your vehicle towed to a local mechanic:

  • Loud bang
  • Leaking air
  • Knocking sound

Some other sounds you may hear that could warrant a visit to a mechanic may be:

  • Squeaking / squealing
  • Clunking / thumping
  • Clicking on start
  • Noise while turning
  • Rurring noise
  • Faint noise over bumps
  • Tire road noise


Do you SMELL anything funny?

If you smell anything out of the ordinary, you should stop immediately and have your car checked out as soon as possible, depending on the severity. Here are some smells to be aware of:

  • Burning
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Foul smell from air vents


Do you SEE anything new or questionable?

Seeing anything out of the ordinary with your car is a pretty clear indication you should bring your car to a mechanic right away. Here are the most important signs that tell you to stop your car immediately and have your vehicle towed to a mechanic.

  • Check engine light flashing
  • Leaking fluid
  • Red indicator lights on
  • High temperature gauge
  • Flat tire
  • Smoke

If you see any of these other common signs, you should make an appointment soon to have your car looked at:

  • Hard starting
  • Lags under load
  • Low tire pressure
  • Fluid seeping / slight leak
  • Maintenance reminder light
  • Marker / headlight out


Call or book an appointment today to have your vehicle checked out by one of our technicians.