How to Maximize the Life of Your Transmission

How to Maximize the Life of Your Transmission

Your transmission is a large combination of gears all working together to transfer the power produced by your engine to your wheels. Without proper maintenance of your transmission, it can greatly reduce it’s longevity, create high repair costs, and could even leave you stranded.

Your transmission is made up of many gears that is in constant motion when your vehicle is running. Poor lubrication increases friction heat which breaks down the components of the transmission. As the gears turn, small particles break off and stay within the housing. These two elements together affect your transmission to be overworked and shift hard as it changes gears.

A transmission that is overworked will have additional problems down the road as well as have a shorter life span.  Properly maintained transmission fluid is what keeps your transmission running at peak condition.

New fluid has a red amber look to it, while old transmission fluid looks black. Over time, the red fluid turns to black as it picks up particles and it is broken down by friction.

If your transmission fluid looks black, it is time to get your transmission fluid changed. Contact us today or make an appointment online.